Wheelchair Ramp Van Needed For Local Boy: Cody Charity of the Week: 3/1/15

Instead of buying a copy of "Cody the Cloud" this week, please take the $15 you would have spent on the book (as I can only give a portion of the proceeds to the weekly charity due to publisher royalties) and instead send that $15 directly to the fund for Benjamin McDermott, who has spinal muscular atrophy, and who needs a wheelchair ramp van that costs $40,000.  They have already raised $12,000 for the cause, but need more help.  CLICK HERE for the GoFundMe link for Benjamin's family's cause, and listen to Kevin being interviewed about the book on iHeartMedia's "Infonation" program with Bill George at the audio link above.  The interview will air Sunday morning, 3/1, at 7 a.m. on Coast 93.3, 94.1 WHJY, and Oldies B101.