All illustrations by Dodot Asmoro (Property of Kevin Mulhern, copyright 2015)

CODY THE CLOUD, published in 2015 by Mascot Books, is a beautifully-illustrated children's picture book for ages 3-8 that teaches them the importance of treating others with kindness, tolerance, and respect and not bullying or judging others, about believing in themselves, and the power of love and friendship to bring out the best in each other to help make the world a better place.



In addition to spreading an important societal message for young and old alike, 10 percent of the retail price proceeds from each copy of CODY THE CLOUD purchased through this website will go toward various charities (see below), supporting children with special needs, anti-bullying groups, under-privileged youth, and a variety of other charities whose goal is to assist the very types of individuals for whom this book was written to inspire.

Cody tried and tried, but he soon quit. “I can’t do this, I give up, that’s it!” Down toward the ground Cody flew, then the boy whispered, “I believe in you.”
— Cody and The Boy, Cody The Cloud

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